Active with MS

Client: Teva

Challenge: Medically tested advice and exercise sessions that help patients with MS to better cope with the disease.

Our solution: Based on scientific research, Gamify now developed cognitive exercises which Teva has been using to help provide therapeutic support for patients with MS since 2014. The game format has a significant advantage over traditional methods in that patients are both entertained for the short term, as well as playfully motivated to persevere in the long run. Through tasks focusing on memory, attention, concentration, or spatial perception, MS patients are encouraged to exercise their skills, preparing them for the challenges they face in day-to-day life. For Teva’s customers the app is an additional value add to their medication, for Teva the app is as way to better support their customers and increase their brand loyalty. 

Gamification model:
Serious Game, Mobile App

iOS, Android

“Gamify now hat uns mit einer gamifizierten digitalen Anwendung dabei geholfen, sowohl Loyalität als auch Engagement unserer Kunden signifikant zu steigern. Fünf Jahre später nutzen unsere Kunden nach wie vor die kognitiven Trainings von Gamify now – in vielen Fällen sogar täglich. Vielen Dank für die stets konstruktive und vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit.”